11024 N. 28th Dr. #170 Phoenix, AZ 85029

Private Bankers Mortgage Fund I LLC

An Arizona limited liability company (the “LLC”) was established to purchase promissory notes secured primarily by first position deeds of trust and/or mortgages (“Loans”).

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Investment Summary

Investment Type
  • Debt
Target Hold
  • 60 mo.
Raise Amount
  • $20,000,000

Strategy Summary

By investing in Private Investors Mortgage Fund I LLC you become the bank!

This is an opportunity to take advantage of trust deed and mortgage investing without doing all of the work yourself.

By investing in the fund, you eliminate the problem of finding an individual deed of trust or mortgage to purchase outright for the exact amount of money you have to place.

With a low entry investment of $25,000 you can get started and add to your membership ownership as additional funds become available during our marketing period, which is expected to be one year.

Why Invest?

Secured income paid quarterly

Fund life just under 5 years remaining

7% priority return

9% -10% income goal

Seasoned Sponsor

Geographic diversity.

Financial Summary

Financial sources: All proceeds other than the estimated $30,000 organizational cost will be available for investments into deeds of trust and mortgages. The company eventually will obtain a revolving line of credit from a bank to help manage fundings and payoffs. The credit line will not exceed 50% of capital raised per the Disclosure Memorandum, however, management anticipates the line needed will be more in the 25-35% range.

Financial uses: An estimated $30,000 of organizational, legal, accounting, printing, and miscellaneous expenses will be capitalized and amortized over the life of the Company for tax reporting purposes. The balance of the proceeds will be invested in trust deeds and mortgages as outlined in the Disclosure Memorandum.

Market Summary

Private Bankers Mortgage Fund I LLC is a 5 year fund set up by its sponsor, Hilton Financial Corporation (HFC).

HFC is a licensed Mortgage Banker in the State of Arizona where the majority of the loan volume is. HFC is also licensed as a Mortgage Lender in Utah and lends license-exempt in Colorado, Hawaii, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas.

Most of our loan volume is single family homes being acquired for fix & flip, or spec construction. We also specialize in small commercial, retail, and multifamily.

Invest in Private Bankers Mortgage Fund I LLC